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Amar Vani School for the Deaf, established by the Catholic Diocese of Varanasi (a minority community) in 2001 offers educational facilities from Class I - 10  irrespective of class, caste, creed, sex and religion. Hostel fecilities are availble to  students who are in need.

  • Vision: An inclusive society with equal opportunities, equal rights, and full participation for the persons with        Hearing    Impairment.

  • Mission:

  1. Educational rehabilitation of 100 students with deafness up to secondary within the next five years.

  2. Increase in the enrolment of the girls with deafness by 3 to 4% each year.

  3. Increase in the retention of the girls with deafness by 90% within the next five years

  4. One awareness program each year, within the radius of 5 KM of the school, on the prevention of disability (deafness) so that the preventable diseases causing disability among the new born babies can be reduced to 90% within next five years.

Amar Vani School works and hopes for the bright future of the Deaf & Hard of Hearing Students *.*.*